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Chiropractic medicine

1. Patient history
2. Orthopedic/neurological exam
3. Imaging (x-ray, MRI) as necessary

Once the patient and doctor discuss the diagnosis, formulate and agree on the treatment plan, treatment can begin. With manipulation there are options to consider for manual techniques, including light force, and instrument assisted procedures.
Physical medicine modalities may be used including traction, pulsed high frequency diathermy, percussion, and massage, trigger point work with active or passive range of motion. Supervised exercise therapy is utilized when and where necessary. Pedal stabilization (orthotics) is provided if needed. Activities of daily living and home exercise is discussed to instruct you on how to do, when to do, and what not to do things based on your individual case.

Here again, although the original complaint is spinal or other musculoskeletal pain, which is important to control, the spinal structures protect the spinal cord, an integral component of the nervous system, which functions to help your body adapt to a constantly changing environment. There is more to health than merely not being in pain.

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